Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Hey Andrew!

No more long-distance hikes. It seems that when you go hiking, I end up staying at home unemployed. Chris' theory on this is that you want me at home to be taking better care of Milo. Thoughts? Oh, and why am I really dreading telling Dad?


~Mel said...

Andrew left? I thought he was leaving later, why am I thinking April or May.

Maybe you should tell Andrew that he can no longer go hiking as it jinxes your employment status.

I would feel the same way about telling my father too - I think it's a natural feeling.

Have a plan?

Chris said...

He hasn't left yet. End of April. But I still blame him.

Andrew said...

You're unemployed? Guess I find out about my sister through her blog.

I guess you could just tell dad to read your blog.

And I want you working so you can afford to buy Milo all sorts of cat stuff.

Christine R said...

I had to go check out Andew's blog to see if he had left yet. I don't know anything about him but this hike thing has me interested.

I don't know what else is going on but good luck to you!