Monday, July 07, 2008

Derby #3- a look at all the cars

Here are photos of all of the cars at the start of their races. Hope you enjoy! Good thing I took pictures of the scoreboard or I probably wouldn't have remembered who had which cars. You can click on them to view them larger.

Our first cars to race were Pete in yellow against DJ's Batmobile. On the right are York's cannon (the first of his 3 cars) against Siggy's blue/green/yellow car.

On the left we have two very short cars racing against each other! York has the tortoise and Boy Chris has the Jeep. On the right we have Jeff with the black and white car against Rosaline.

Mom Tedford in yellow raced against Dad Tedford in red. On the right is York's hare (which is a puzzle and comes apart into 4 pieces) and Willy's car, which won for fastest.

On the left we have Caitlyn in red and Evan with yellow and red, while on the right is Jeremy's American Flag with too many stripes racing against Michael.

Davis had Lightening McQueen and Lydia had Speed Racer. On the right is Elizabeth's pink/green car and Rosita's flag. (Seemed to be a bit of a theme this year. Rather appropriate seeing how it was the day after the holiday.) Lightening McQueen did not live up to his Cars fame and was the slowest car at our Derby.

On the left is Andrew's legal car in red, and the black/purple one is Caitlin's. On the right is Kristin's covered wagon and Billy's blue car.

On the left we have my car (dark green) and Siggy's chameleon and on the right are Dekota (yellow)and Sharon (snowflakes)

Billy's ship racing my car. We had an odd number of car entries (29 legal cars) so this car got a by through the first two rounds.

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That's a crazy amount of cars!