Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A little of this, a little of that.

It's been way too long since I've last blogged, so here's a rundown of what's been going on for the past month.

It started off with my work's summer outing at Kimball Farm. Yum! Such a fun place, and in addition to the fabulous icecream, the food was above average for a corporate outing-type place. The weather was as bit hot, but we took advantage of the free mini-golf. The line for bumper boats was too long, so instead we just had our icecream and then headed to NH for a night of camping with Tami and her family.

Unfortunately we only camped for one night. We had doctor appointments the next day back near home and didn't want to have to drive back. Turns out it was probably for the best as that Sunday I ended up being struck by a rather horrible summer cold. It was interesting taking pictures. I forgot how much kids move around, so I had a number of blurry photos since my shutter was open for too long. There also was lots of rain which made for an interesting camping experience, but I think we all still had fun. Maybe we can find a time to do it again?

Once again the ART scene shop built the set for Shakespeare on the common. The show this year was As You Like It. It really is a popular event. We got there almost 2 hours before "curtain" and we were pretty far back. I took these photos afterwards and was only lucky to get so close since Chris knew the crew. In fact, because of that connection we were able to have them move the trees so that I could get a picture of the plane. Very interesting cartoony trees. And if you're confused about why there's a crashed plane in the Forest of Arden, join the club.

The garden is progressing well. I've been harvesting green beans, and my tomatoes should be ripening soon. Cukes- only 2 so far. They haven't really recovered from all of the rain. Zucchini- not really sure. That's what the yellow flowers are. There are lots of flowers, but they don't seem to be doing anything other than flowers and giant leaves. Lettuce is done. It started to turn bitter. If only I could somehoe time things right so that the lettuce was ready when everything else was. And the broccoli- huge leaves, but nothing else.

And my mystery plant? Yeah, still don't know what that is. It's behaving like a day lilly, although doesn't really look like one. It looks more like an amaryllis, but it didn't come from a bulb. No clue. But it is pretty and adds some color to the front of the house, although it doesn't really look so good with the marigolds. Maybe next year I'll have to try a different color of flower in my barrel.

Can I just say, sometimes I really love my 300mm lens! It doesn't do well in low light situations, but being outside for the "Futures at Fenway" event, it did a phenomenal job. We were no where near the field, but I still was able to get fantastic photos!

It was a double header, with the Lowell Spinners and the Pawtucket Red Sox. We arrived a little late to the first game, during the second inning, I think. But then we got free baseball, since they ended up going to 12 innings. The Spinners won, which continues the tradition of the home team never losing when Chris and I go to a game. We ended up leaving during the 5th inning of the second game since I was way too hot. Our seats were in the sun and I was feeling very crispy. My face got a little burned, but it's not too bad. I can see my nose starting to peel already, so I think moisturizer needs to become my friend.

And Jeremy, this comment is just for you. We had parked at the Common, and walking back from the game my shoes were on the verge of giving me a nasty blister. So I took them off and walked down Comm Ave barefoot. And I had only been drinking water. See- I don't need to be drunk to walk barefoot down city streets. Attempting to walk on my hands? Maybe I need to have some alcohol in me for that one.


rachel whetzel said...

So awesome to see what you've been up to!! Love the photos with Tami and Co. That flower looks less and less like a Day Lilly!! Have a great end of summer!!

~Mel said...

Love the shot of the Score Board!! And your flower is really amazing. How tall is it?