Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More trip plans

So on Friday I commented about not knowing how we were going to deal with the whole camping aspect of going to Scotland. I started thinking of the various options- bring our own gear with us, ship stuff to the UK office, ask people from the UK office if they had anything we could borrow, buy new while we're there... None of these seemed like good options.

I posted on the James forum about my quandary. One person offered that if I wanted, I could have stuff shipped to her, and she would bring it along. Nice offer, but probably not something I would choose to do- sending things to a random stranger. And then someone else mentioned about Tangerine Fields.

This is the best option yet! You book through them and you get a tent, air mattress, and brand new sleeping bags. When you're done, you can take the sleeping bag with you, or if you leave it, they'll donate it to charity. Also, they do all the set up and take down of your tent. This certainly isn't an option I would choose had we actually been living in the UK, but it's perfect for us since we'll be flying. So I booked a tent package this morning.

Hmmm, what's next on the planning list?

I've started to look at flights, and they're all ridiculously expensive. We'll probably fly in and out of different cities- either fly into Edinburgh and out of London, or vice-versa. However, finding direct flights to Edinburgh, or anywhere near there, is proving to be impossible. And like I mentioned, everything is crazy expensive. Flying RT from the same city doesn't really help anything.

And realizing that we're going to have to pay for a rental car to be parked for 3 days while we're at T seems like a waste of money, but otherwise we're not going to have anywhere to stash the rest of our luggage. I'm somewhat concerned about leaving a laptop in the car for 3 days as well, but not too much we can do about that. I know I'll need it for back-up for my photos. I'm sure I'll be taking way more pictures in 2 weeks than my memory cards will hold.


Anonymous said...

What about investing in more memory cards? You can get them pretty cheap these days, and losing a memory card would be far preferable to losing an entire laptop. Also, they're much more transportable.

Chris said...

It's an option. But the cards for the Rebel are still pretty pricey. And I take a LOT of pictures. Plus Chris thinks he wants his laptop for the plane. We'll see.

It's really only an issue if someone decides to break into our car. And the odds of that are fairly slim. I think I'm just worrying about what could happen.

Christine said...

sounds like a blast and i'm so glad it's a new sleeping bag with every new renter.

~Mel said...

I was going to suggest the multiple memory cards too but I understand the thought of wanting to use the laptop.