Monday, August 24, 2009

It's official...

... we're homeowners. On the 14th we closed on our house. Spent Saturday painting. A little more painting on Tuesday. And two days ago we moved in. Lots of boxes! Still a few miscellaneous things at the old apartment that need to get moved over.

HUGE thanks to Andrew, Gentry, Kristin, Jason, Pete and my dad for helping us move. Sorry we had to pick one of the hottest days of the year. Too bad that rain didn't cool things down and cut the humidity. Wish we could have done more for you than just feed you pizza.

Also HUGE thanks go out to Liz for her assistance with unpacking yesterday. I realized last night that I lack focus. Actually, I think I knew that, but I confirmed it to myself. Chris was putting together the cabinets that we got for the kitchen. I was unpacking a few boxes that I had borrowed from work and needed to return. Most of these boxes were in my craft room. So I go in there, open one, and realize it belongs in the office. So I bring it to the office. Then I notice an open box of books. So I take out the books and finish putting those away. Then I have to break down the boxes. Um. No. I needed to get those original boxes emptied.

This is why Liz was fabulous. With her help we got the dining room completely unpacked and put away. And she put out some candles to give it a nice decorated touch. She also tackled the kitchen. This room was completely overwhelming me because there weren't nearly enough cabinets. (What you see pictured is all of them, probably about half of what was in our old place.) But she found a place for almost everything. And I think that with the cabinet that we got, we now should have homes for everything.

Tonight's agenda is to go to the old place and try to get the remaining stuff. Tomorrow is trash day, so we'll put that out (there's a lot!), empty the fridge, load up the cars, and if the weather isn't too gross, maybe I'll dig up some plants that I want to take with me. And at some point later in the week, we'll get around to cleaning and touching up the walls. Unpacking at the new house? Probably not so much of that tonight.

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rachel whetzel said...

I'm SO excited to see more PICTURES when you're all moved in!! Just in time for Halloween decorations, eh?