Monday, December 12, 2005

Apparently, I'm a grinch

So Chris got all pissy at me last night. He had gone out shopping for my Christmas gift while Lind and I were scrapping. (Well, I was working on Christmas cards.) He comes home, tells me to stay where I am and brings my gift into the computer room. Then he comes in to my room (where the wrapping paper is) and asks for some paper. I give him a roll. He comes back a couple of minutes later asking for wider paper. I tell him we don’t have anything wider and to just use an extra piece on the ends of the TV box. He starts to hit me over the head with the wrapping paper tube for guessing what the gift is.

Then later in the evening he tells me that in the future, even if I know what my gift is, I should keep it to myself. Ok, fine. I’ll try. But don’t make it so darn easy for me to guess! He knows I want a TV for my room and we’ve talked about what features I want. And I don’t see any of my other gift requests being so large there would be wrapping issues. He just set himself up for me to figure this one out! The only other thing it might possibly be is the iHome, and I don’t’ think that box is especially large. But he did say that he had thought about getting some fabric to wrap it in. That would have been kind of cute. :)


Christine R said...

I think we have some things in common. I know every year what I am getting and my husband being a male hasn't figured out to get me something I didn't ask for. Even the poor kids who try to surprise me well I'll see a wrapped gift and say ooh you got me the chocolate fountain I wanted-thank you! Then they can't help themselves with the response like oh mom they raised the price of the fountain we couldn't afford it-sure buddy. I'm glad you are getting your new tree. I wouldn't say you are grinchy just smart!

Christine R said...

I said tree but meant TV!

~Mel said...

She's good - she can guess any gift. ANY! Anything I've ever given Chris she has guessed it. And since they had already discussed a tv, I'm not surprised. However, Chris needs to do a better job at saying he got you something else.