Sunday, April 15, 2007

A not so exciting update from Chris ( That's me!)

It has been brought to my attention that I have not updated my blog in quite some time. However, since March 24th was the last update, it has not been "almost a month" as some people claim.

Anyway, the reason for the lack of posts in the last 22 days is that nothing exciting is going on. The most "exciting" thing is this- the purchase of a new suitcase yesterday. Yeah, I lead a pretty boring life if this is exciting. I was in Marshall's looking for cute brown sandals (which I've been looking for for a couple of weeks now and haven't found) and I saw the pink suitcase. perfect for our upcoming trip to Chicago, right? Since there are 2 of us and we previously only had 1 carry-on sized suitcase I could semi-justify the purchase. I wanted to get the matching large suitcase but Chris said no.
It does have a rather unique yet fun feature. On the side, as shown in this picture, is the water bottle pocket. Rather handy, don't you think? Perfect for when walking around the airport and your hands are full.

In other news, I'm busy working on knitting another bag. This one is a much larger style. I'm afraid it may end up being too big, but when I felt it hopefully it will shrink a lot. And with any luck I"ll be done with that later this week.

So, until other "exciting" things happen, I hope that you have enjoyed this update.


Rachel Whetzel said...

woooo hoooo! Bloglines... I love em! I get to be commentor numero uno!

Christine said...

that's not fair, she stole my first commentor spot! love the suitcase! I want one and there is no Marhsalls around! I think you better take that photo off before Tricia sees this, buys one for CE, and then she has a better one than me! Anyhow, thanks for blogging again!

~Mel said...

Leave it to you to purchase a pink suitcase! I wouldn't expect anything less!

I know you'll enjoy Chicago & Vegas with you sassy new 'case!