Monday, March 17, 2008

Awesome mail day!!!

So my first awesome package of the day was this new computer. Isn't she purty? Unfortunately the color isn't quite photographing right. Our old computer died a few weeks ago and has refused to start again. Chris tried a system restore, which usually helps to fix things, but to no avail. It still won't start. Luckily we got an external hard drive the last time we had these problems, so hopefully everything is safe on there, since I was pretty good about not saving things on the computer anymore. There may have been a couple of things on the desktop, but I don't think it was anything that I would miss.

I had the computer delivered to work since I didn't want it sitting outside our door all day, and as it turns out a signature was required, so having it shipped to work is really the only way I would have gotten in.

And then when I got home, more happy mail! First off is this fantastic camera bag that I won this weekend during's one year anniversary celebration! Woo hoo!!!! It looks very roomy inside.

And as if one package from Tally wasn't enough, I also got some new scrapping goodies. In addition to the fabulous March kit, I also got these items that I had ordered. And why yes, I did order that flamingo paper specifically so I could scrap pictures of my new PINK computer. The computer's official color name is "Flamingo Pink" so I thought it only fitting to use that paper. I may need to cut out one of the little flamingos and stick it on the computer somehow.

And speaking of customizing my computer, I want to give it a name. As long as I can remember my family has named our computers. When I was in middle/high school and then an old one I had in college, they were named after three mountains in England: Pen-y-ghent, Whernside, and Ingleborough. My post-college computer was "Tangerine Dream". It was a green iMac. I had originally ordered the orange one, but it was backordered and green was the only one I was able to get delivered in the time I wanted. Then when Chris and I got a computer we named it "Fresnel" which is a type of lens used in theatre. All of this to say, I need a name for my computer. Any ideas?


rajah1116 said... cool! Computer AND tally? LOL....

~Mel said...

Look at all your new goodies! How fun

Why not "Furry Friend" as a new name in honor of Flamingo Pink? Okay, that's not all that great...back to the drawing board

Rachel Whetzel said...

Pink Thing.
And when you decide to glue things onto it, Crafter's Pick The ULTIMATE works REALLY well, AND everything will come off IF you ever want it to. I know. I altered a cell phone once. It worked GREAT.

darlene said...

John Waters.

nancy_scraps said...

Why not just call it "Tally"?

i love it!! Very cool computer.