Saturday, April 08, 2006

Apartment hunting

We need to let our current landlord know by the 15th if we will be renewing our lease or moving out. If we choose to stay, we can only stay for one more year due to scheduled constrution on the building. So, today we went and looked at three apartments. If you care, go to Preservation Properties and the listing numbers are 12075, 12644, and 12622. (We couldn't get that third number to work. I'm hoping it will eventually work.)

Anyway, apartment hunting sucks. Each place has its pros and cons. The first and third both had washer and dryer, the second might be getting a hookup in 6 months or so. (Of course by that point we would have sold our old washer and dryer.) The last one has storage space in the basement. It also has a small office. The second probably wouldn't have quite enough space and we might need to pay for storage. The first one however, has a huge living/dining room as well as decent sized bedrooms and tons of closets. We could easily fit all of our stuff in this place. Only problem is that the windows are tiny. It seemed really dark when we were there. This could be because it was grey out and the blinds were angled poorly, but I'm not sure. Did I mention I hate apartment hunting?

I just checked and I realized my comments weren't necessariliy corresponding to the correct apartments. I had the first two numbers reversed. So it's the second and third listings with the washer/dryer and number 2 has the huge kitchen/living/dining.


Christine R said...

I checked out the apartments and I am partial to number one. I did like two too and number three didn't come up for me either! I know what it's like to move so I feel for you. Hope you can find one you really really like!

Andrew said...

The first one seems well-lit in the photos. And it has a nice deck.

yD said...

what's the relative cost of heat? are you paying for utilities now?

i liked that first place, but the heat could easily be a few hundred more per month

Chris said...

Currently we aren't paying for heat. The realtor we met with said the average heating cost is $75/month. In Hopkinton our average (based on a year) was $100/month and that place had the huge ceilings.

~Mel said...

I liked #1, and from what I saw of #2 I liked it alot... (most of the pictures wouldn't come up for me). I guess it depends on cost and what you want to pay since #1 is cheaper. At least they're cheaper than you're current place.

That's always a bonus.

And I agree - apartment hunting sucks! Were you able to take any pictures of your own? Good luck!