Tuesday, April 11, 2006

It's Finally Done

My Christmas Album is finally done! Now if only I could get my 2005 album done and start on 2006 I would be in great shape. I had big plans of cranking out a bunhc of pages today, but that just didn't happen. Last week I was also going to get a lot done, but so muhc for that idea.

In other news, I have three interviews this week with search firms- one tomorrow and two on Thursday. Hopefully they'll start sending me out on bunhces of interviews.

In apartment news, meeting with another realtor on Friday. I keep flip flopping between which apartment I like best from the ones we saw on Saturday. Each had its own set of pros and cons. We had a couple questions about each place and waiting to hear back to see what the answers are.


~Mel said...

Wow - you have a lot going on this week. Are the interviews with different agencies? Good luck with those!

Also, when do you need to make a decision about the apartments?

~Mel said...

Also - what's making you flipflop between apartments?

Christine R said...

The album-wow-it makes me want to go scrapbook. Like right now! I love that I am on a page too! Good luck with your interviews. I'm sure they will go well for you and on the apt. maybe keep looking until you find that one and just know which one you would like to live in?