Monday, April 24, 2006

An update...

So you know how on the Brady Bunch they had cousin Oliver come live them for a while, well we've got cousin Milo. Brit and Tony aren't taking it so well. We were hoping it wouldn't be too bad since they've lived together before, but aparently in the last year and a half they've forgotten each other.

Also, temporarily with us (as mentioned in the comments of Mel's blog) is Andrew's stuff. Anyone need a computer? How about some clothes? Or beer? Oh wait, the beer is already spoken for. So now we get to decide if we want to hold onto his stuff and move it to our new apartment, or pass it off onto one of my parents. This is mostly his stuff that he wants right when he comes back from the trail, so we can't really take it out to store with the rest of his stuff. I'm sure we'll figure it out, but for now I have no clue so it's in the entry hall.

And in other news, we put in an application for an apartment we saw on Friday and we were accepted. I was nervous that my out of work status would affect us, but apparently it wasn't an issue. I have a really good credit score, so I guess that's all she really cared about. We took a bunch of pictures on Friday when we were looking at the place, so I'll try to get them up here shortly. The only thing it doesn't really have is a good patio/porch/gardening area. There is a place out back where we can grill, but it'll be a slight pain to get to. And there are some overgrown flower beds, so maybe I can ask to plant some stuff in them. We'll see. or I can jsut do without gardening for a few years.

Two more interviews today. One I'll be going back in a week or two for a second round and the other I'll know on Thursday about my status. Then tomorrow I have a second interview for a place I was at last week as well as a couple of networking things. And on Friday I have an interview with a place that I had a phone screen last week. So many interviews! Hopefully I'll have a job soon.

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Christine R said...

good luck with the interviews!!