Sunday, June 10, 2007

Garden progress

The plants that I had ordered arrived last week, and today I finished planting all of them. One arrived all slimy, so I'll need to call the company to get that one refunded. Rather than waiting for a replacement plant, I picked something else up today at a local nursery.

I tried waving my arms and saying "grow" in the hopes that all the plants would start to magically grow, but I do't think I have those super powers. I guess I'll just have to wait like a normal person to see how it turns out. The next to last section looks a little bare still, but I planted a number of bulbs that hopefully will come up soon- ranunculus and a summer blooming daffodil. I also have a peony in that section that I hope will come up soon.

More pictures to come as the summer progresses.

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