Monday, July 02, 2007

My month for Stampers 5

Any of you out there in blog-land interested in buying some rubber stamps? This is my month for "hosting" in my Stampin' Up group. (For 5 months we each agreed to spend a certain amount per month, and we each are assigned one month to be the "hostess" and get the benefits.)

If you're interested, please consider placing your order through Melissa Barlow. The catalog is available here. Just let her know to apply the order to my "party".



The Hallman Tribe said...

LOVE THE NEW CAMERA>.....and i will be making a purchase!!!lol.

Sorry i haven't been around on the blog lately!! TS gets me going and I forget......i usually come by and read, but been bad about leaving you a comment!!! will do better......I really love all these photos you have been taking with your NEW LOVE.....slr that is!

The Hallman Tribe said...

I am TAGGING YOU!!! go to my blog for mor details!!!