Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Playing with the new camera lens

My new lens arrived today for my camera, so naturally I had to go outside and play.

I tried taking a self-portrait and discovered that I can't do that with this lens. It kept chopping off half my head. Oh well. You may also see that my pink dye is fading. :( Good thing I have plenty of extra dye. One of these day's I'll get around to touching it up. I was thinking it would be this evening, but now I'm rethinking that. Maybe tomorrow?

The new camera has been giving me lots of excuses to get out and take pictures if the garden. Not sure why, but today I got down on a lower level and took my pictures at a different angle than I normally do. I love the results! It makes the garden look much more full and lush.

Check out all of those herbs! We've got chives, parsley, basil, lemon balm, and then some snow peas on the trellis and some other flowers in the front.

Here we've got my two tomato plants, my cucumbers, and my peppers. In the front is some iceberg lettuce that didn't do too well. Anyone know the secret to growing good heads of lettuce?

And finally here we have the tomatoes. two different kinds- Better Boy and Sweet 100's. Can't wait until they ripen!


Rachel Whetzel said...

Love it! Great stuff! I can't wait to see those tomatoes RIPE!

Tracy said...

wait a minute!!! new lense!!!!

great photos!!!

~Mel said...

Love the pic of the tomato - very artsy

Michelle said...

The garden looks great! Love the hair, so cute!