Saturday, July 21, 2007

Our visit to Hogwarts Square

So on Friday night Chris and I went to Harvard Square which had been renamed "Hogwarts Square". There were a number of places that would be selling the book at midnight, contests, etc.

There also was a concert with the band Harry and the Potters. On the left is a picture of the concert crows during one of the opening acts (The Hungarian Horntails and Draco and the Malfoys both performed.)

Here's a clip from one of their shows, although not the one that we attended. In fact, we liked the show enough that we picked up two of their CDs.

I also present to you a number of my favorite costumes while we were there.

(The quidditch team seems to be short a keeper.)

I had thought about going in costume, but until about an hour before I wasn't sure that we would be going. However, I think that if I had dressed up I would have been Tonks. What was interesting, is that since this was Harvard Square it was a little difficult to tell who was dressed as Tonks and who just had colored hair. If I had gone in costume I probably would have put on a pink wig since my color is pretty subtle.

I also liked that people chose to dress as some of the less popular characters or as villains. (There actually were large numbers of Slytherins, but I don't think I saw any Hufflepuff.) We also saw people dressed as Umbridge, Luna, Padma and Parvati Patil, as well as other lesser known characters.

Other businesses in the area also got in on the fun. Harvard's Natural History Museum had a scavenger hunt for owls, sorcerers stones, etc and a number of the eateries had butterbeer and other "wizard" themed food. Here are some of the flavors offered by a local icecream shop. I love the name of the last one!


Andrew said...


I do like that Out of Town News renamed the square.

And the ska band dressed as Harry Potter.

~Mel said...

Sounds like fun, however I can't see your pictures.

Have you finished the book?

Chris said...

Pictures should be fixed now. Sorry for technical difficulties.

Michelle said...

Harry and the Potters are playing here in Columbus soon. How funny that they were in your town too :)

Chris said...

Michelle- They're actually semi-local to the Boston area. I had no idea they toured nationally until I checked out their website.