Saturday, June 28, 2008

The long promised grocery bags...

After promising for a few weeks that I would post pictures soon, here they are. We used them for shopping today. This was a large trip, and I even had some extra bags. Guess I didn't need to make quite so many.

I've got 4 of the lemon "paper" style, and then 2 of the maps and three of the cupcakes, both of which are "plastic" bags.

Stop & Shop now has this new system where you take a scanner when you enter the store and then as you shop, you scan and bag your items. Then at the checkout just check the scanner back in and pay. In theory it's faster. And Chris really liked getting to scan everything. The produce department even has special scales where you weigh your produce and it will give you a label that you then scan.


Lisa said...

Those are darn cute! Are you going to add them to your store?

~Mel said...

So responsible of you and crafty all at the same time! They look great!