Friday, September 19, 2008

And in other concert news...

Apparently this is the month for live music! We saw Lost & Found at Hammonasset, James on Monday, and then we went to see Gaelic Storm on Wednesday. And next week I'm going to see New Kids.

Gaelic Storm was actually at the same place where we saw James. Unfortunately, dinner before the show didn't agree with me, and I had horrid stomach pains all evening. This definitely put a damper on my mood.

They played a lot of new music. And unfortunately we don't have the two newest CDs, so we weren't familiar with a lot of what they played. It was still a good show though. And here are two videos of one of their songs. Unfortunately I stopped the recording after the first snippet, but then I kept it going through the rest. I guess it's a good thing though, since my memory card filled up just as the song was finishing. Anyway, here's Johnny Tarr, sung in many different musical styles. Sorry they're a little on the dark side. And I had my old 3.2mp camera. Not the best.

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Dawnt said...

OMGoodness... I love Gaelic Storm. Saw them once in concert and was excellent. Sorry the dinner was not good, but looks like you had a good time anyway! :) Thanks for the videos!