Friday, September 19, 2008

More from Monday

First off, if I offended anyone by the content of the previous video, that was not my intent. Although I agree with the sentiment stated by Tim, I do support our military. I don't believe it was right for us to be in Iraq, but I do support the men and women who are serving their country.

Here are a couple of other videos from Monday. I didn't shoot them, but they are just fabulous.

Here's a vid of their opening number. At the beginning when Saul, their guitarist, comes up to the front of the stage and is staring out into the audience, he was looking directly into my eyes. What a great way to start the show!!! And towards the end of this clip you can even see the corner of Chris' face. :) You can also see some of Tim's wacky dancing. Love his dancing!

This one is more from the end of the night. The beginning sound quality is kind of bad, but the audience participation towards the end.... Oh my. Such a powerful thing to have been a part of that.

It was also interesting watching Chris. He's a fan, although not as big a fan (or at least not as long a fan) as I am. And so they would start playing the songs, and I would recognize them, but there would be this look of confusion on his face. For the new album I can kind of understand that since he only started listening to it in the past month, rather than since April like I have. But for the older ones he would be confused and I would look at him and tell him that he knows it, and wait for the moment of comprehension. But there was one, Sound, where even later when he was singing along, he still wasn't quite remembering it. Rather funny.

And about the new album... it was released in the US on Tuesday. However, I would imagine that the majority of the people there, probably 80-90%, were like me, and ordered it from the UK back in the spring. They played a lot of stuff off the new album but based on the cheering and singing, everyone knew the songs.

So in my previous post, I mentioned that they brought up an audience member to play guitar. Well, his name is Jonah. here's a photo of him, and here's his story, in his own words. Apparently this was the first time that James has ever done something like this. What a fabulous experience for him! I wonder if they'll start doing this more often?

Here's the set list from Monday. I think there were a few differences in the encore, but otherwise it's pretty accurate. I was kind of making my own set list through the night. I knew I wouldn't be able to remember all of the songs, so I took short video clips during each of the songs. However, especially at the beginning, I wasn't filming them during the songs since video wasn't allowed. I haven't looked at them yet, but I imagine I have lots of video of the shirts of the people in front of me. :)

And now for the best news.... according to the James forum I've been reading, they'll be back in February or March!!! I have no idea if that means the US or Boston, but they'll be back! I'll definitely be getting tickets for more than one show. As it is, I looked into going down to NJ to see them tomorrow, and I kind of looked into Chicago/ Milwaukee/ and Minneapolis tickets for next weekend. But way too much going on next weekend to be able to go on a road trip. However, with a little more advance warning, I might be able to convince Chris to go for it.

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rachel whetzel said...

Woman! You've been keeping yerself busy sailing about the land going to concerts!! What a fun time!