Tuesday, September 16, 2008

James concert!

Ok, the concert absolutely rocked. I've been a fan for about 13 years now- right around the time the stopped touring here in the US. Tried to see them in London when I was studying in England, but they were sold out.

Sorry the video quality is pretty sucky, but you do what you can when there are signs saying no videos. :) But there was someone in the front row doing a vid as well. I love the intro to this song. So glad they had to restart it due to a broken guitar string. Then Tim made some comment about them "not being allowed to a political song" which is funny, because that's how Chris and I refer to this one- as their political song.

For one of the encores they had a guy from the audience come up and play guitar on Come Home. That was pretty cool. Wish I had gone to last night's show as well. Oh, and there were people there who had flown over from the UK. Now that's dedication!

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