Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday.... to me!

So I wake up and Chris says Happy Birthday. I ask him if I can have my gift yet (a new camera). He says no, it's not wrapped yet. I say, but I know what it is, so what's the point in wrapping it? And I'll want it to take pictures of my cube (since I knew Vanessa was going to decorate it). He still said no.

I little while later I get up and I see the camera sitting on the dining room table. Yay! I call him to make sure that I can open the box. Yup. Yippee! I take out the necessary components and bring it with me to work so that I can charge the battery.

On the way to work I notice that one of my rings is missing. :( I've had this ring since summer before senior year of high school, so 14 years. I've lost it before, but I somehow always find it again. It certainly has no monetary value, but there is sentimental value. You see, my dad and I were at Wal*mart to get me a watch before I went on a youth group trip. Watches are in the jewelry section, so I was looking at the rings. I kiddingly asked him to buy me one. He said no. Later that evening we were making dinner. There was a steel ring holding a bag of potatoes closed. He took it and gave it to me as my ring. I've worn it ever since. Except when I've lost it.

This has happened a few times. Partly because I wear it on my thumb and so it needs to be pretty big to fit on over my knuckle, but then it's loose so it can come off easily, and partly because it's an adjustable size style, so it can get snagged on things and come off easily. Normally when I loose it I find it pretty quickly. One time though, I searched and searched and couldn't find it anywhere. I gave it up for lost. I bought a bag of potatoes to get a new ring, but it just wasn't the same. It didn't feel right. A few months later I found it in my car. In a place I know I had searched before.

Well today I thought over my actions on my way into work, and my hunch is that it is either in the garbage bag that I left on the curb, or it fell off when I put the bag into the garbage can. I'll try to check when I get home, but I imagine it's gone.

So after that, coming into work and seeing my decorated cube was a great way to put a smile on my face. And after charging the camera battery, I was able to test out the camera and take some pictures. :)


~Mel said...

Hope you had a wonderful Birthday!!

Christine said...

happy birthday!!