Friday, November 21, 2008

Weekend To-do list

Yesterday I was working from home so that I could be there for the cable guy, but it also gave me a chance to get some stuff organized for the craft faire. (I will be so happy when it's over!) There's still plenty more that I would like to get done, but now I feel comfortable with what has been done. Most of the day was spent with printing price signs, taking photos of some of Chris' puzzles and editing them, etc. One of the things on my list, was to make more lavender sachets if I had time. The ones I had made previously were knit, and probably took about and hour and a half to two hours each to make. Due to a minimum order requirement, I had TONS of lavender, so I figured I would sew some up instead. So in about 2 hours, maybe a bit more, I made 25 of these. I hope I sell most of them, because otherwise I have no idea what I'll do with all of them!

Friday- tonight
  • Redo price signs for sachets- changing price of knit and making new sign for fabric ones
  • If there's time, make some more cards (Ha! this one is really wishful thinking on my part)
  • Iron and price apron
  • Sew cupcake print coaster sets (these have already been cut out. however, if I don't get to them the world won't end)
  • Start to load up the car

  • I typically have skating on Saturday mornings, but due to the craft faire I'll be missing this week.
  • Craft Faire- set up starts at 7:30. Not sure if we'll be there that early or a little later. Sales goes from 9-2.
  • 11ish have to leave the Faire to go pick up my mom. Not really wanting to do this, but if saves her from having to find rides in both directions.
  • Afternoon- relax/ nap?
  • Dinner most likely at Sunset. I think we'll both be too exhausted to cook. And if we go, we'll probably run into friends who told us they would be there.

  • Brunch at home of one of Chris' coworkers
  • Relax!!!!!

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