Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Is it Derby time already?

This must be the time of year when most "normal" people hold their Pinewood Derbies. By normal I guess I mean the Boy Scouts of America. I say this because I just got an email from the place I ordered trophies from last year. They were offering them at 10% off. Always wanting to save some money, I went ahead and ordered them. How's that for being ahead of the game?

For those of you wanting to plan for the Derby, nothing definite yet, but my in-laws said that the middle of the month is easier for them to get away than the beginning or end. So plan for the middle of probably June or July. I'm guessing by August they'll need to get back home for the start of school.


Anonymous said...

Ooh, I hope we can come this year! We are planning a trip in July so hopefully it doesn't conflict. Happy New Year, Chris!

~Mel said...

Oh my goodness...you're already planning Derby time and it's not even '09! Now that is proactive!

Tracy said...

Picking up the Boy Scout deby cars this week!!!! EEKKK! Time for saws and dremils in te Stats house!