Saturday, January 03, 2009

January LOAD

Lately I seem to have gotten out of a scrappy groove. I know I'm in bad shape when I'm behind in my albums going back to about May. To help remedy this, I'm hosting a LOAD (layout a day) challenge over at Tally.

Unfortunately, I really need to find the time to sit and edit photos for my 2008 album, so until I get a chance to do that, I'm working with some photos that I had on hand.

So here we have the start of my challenge. Yesterday I did Halloween 1984- The Indian and the Witch. My scanner really doesn't like lumpy and bumpy stuff, so it had a hard time with the numbers. That's why it's so dark and blurry.

Day two I did Christmas 1948. I need to find out who Santa was, and once I have all of the names I'll slip them into the gold label holder on the upper right.

On day three I was on a roll. Still working on the older photos, so I looked through my stash and found this one of some rocks behind my childhood home. When we were younger, Andrew and I each had our own rock that we would climb on. Mine was the jagged one because it was easier to climb- more foot and hand holds. He got the nice smooth one.

Then, since I was still in a crafting mood, I decided to make some cards. I have some really fun supplies that I was itching to use, so decided to make some birthday cards. And I used some older supplies as well, which is always nice.

I have so much stuff in my craft room I often think that I could scrap for a year and, except for adhesive, not need to buy a single thing. Too bad I'd never do that.

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