Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Appearing on January 11 at 1:30pm in room 1...

So back in late March when I was at CKU, our basement flooded. This happens every couple of years when it starts to get warm so all the snow melts and then it was also raining. Anyway, the water apparently flowed from the ground into our basement and into our neighbors’ basement. They called a service to come clean out their basement. This consisted of pulling out all of their carpeting, removing standing water, and then leaving some industrial fans and dehumidifiers for a week or so. The service also insisted on leaving fans and dehumidifiers at our place as they claimed that if they didn’t take care of our place water would keep going into the neighbors’. Chris told them we didn’t want it, but they insisted.

We never received a bill for this, but the neighbor did. I’m not really sure if their bill covered service for our place or not. I know the neighbor was fighting with the condo association to have their insurance pay for it as the flooding is partly due to poor construction. I’m not really sure of what all had happened over the past months. We put the neighbor in touch with my dad as we were renting from him.

Fast forward to last night. The company is taking us to court! The thing that bugs me about it though is that they got a lawyer involved. Are we going to be getting a lawyer? I didn’t think that was normal for small claims court. So by having a lawyer, they will have the advantage because he knows what he’s doing. I just faxed the notice over to my dad, so waiting to see what he has to say about it. Blech.


~Mel said...

Wow - that really sucks! Especially considering they didn't contact you before now to do any type of negotiating or collection.

Now it's the company suing not the ex-neighbors, correct?

Also, I was thinking of this over the weekend - has your Dad sold the condo yet?

Chris said...

It's the company suing, not the neighbors. My dad said he got a bill, but not sure how they got his info, unless it was from the neighbors. And yes, they did close on it a month or two ago.