Wednesday, November 02, 2005

"Entertain me"

So Mel says it's my turn to update my blog to entertain her. But I don't have anything to say? This is why i questioned getting a blog in the first place. So hree I am, rambling to entertain Mel. Sorry if it really isn't all that entertaining.

Well, in honor of Halloween and Star Wars, I bring you Martha Breecher, age 5 years 11 months (1983). Yeah, so you really can't tell that it's me at all. To make up for this, I give you Martha and Andrew from around the same time. No date on the back, but based on my hair length and Andrew's look, I'm guessing it was also 83.

And that, dear Mel, is my update. I hope you found it thoroughly exciting.


~Mel said...

Just think of all the little conversations we have during the day... that could make an entry! :)

Plus, it's fun to add your cute Halloween pictures... especially of you as an ewok. You look like a very tall ewok at that!

Christine R said...

I found it exciting!! Especially in my dull life right now! So what were you circa 2005 on Halloween?

Chris said...

Sorry Christy, the only picture of me from this Halloween was a corner of my face. I wore a sari for my 10-year-old pseduo-step-sister's party.