Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Ikea, part two

So our home computer is temporarily operational again, which allows me to show you the second Ikea table. On it is a class project. However, it still needs photos. Maybe looking at it every day will inspire me to take some pictures to put in it. If only I had kids it woudl be easier. As it is, I'm not really sure what photos to choose.

I also talked to Chris about my grand plan to get a new couch and chair. We saw some that we liked at Jordan's, and depending on what financing is available and if we host the Family Christmas, we'll either be getting new furniture soonish or in August. Finally, I'll have a pretty living room!

1 comment:

~Mel said...

Now that's just a nice table & very pretty class project! Take a picture of the two of you in front of a tree or a lite tree and there's your picture!

Here's to "adult" living rooms!