Monday, November 28, 2005

Grown-up furniture

We are now the proud owners of a brand spankin' new couch. Yes, you heard me. A new couch. Not one found on the street that needed to have plywood inserted to make it ok to sit on since the springs were broken. Not one given by a family member because it wasn't good enough for their home. A brand new couch. Yes, we'll be paying ot off over the next few months, but we get to enjoy it now. Yippee! Now we just need a new chair and our living room will almost be complete. The one that matches the sofa is too pricey, but we found one at Ikea that we like. They just are sold out of it right now. (And yes, that menas I went to Ikea for a third time- three weekends in a row.) So we went to pick up the couch ourselves. This is a nice benefit of having a pickup- not having to pay the delivery charge. However, this also means that my arms now hurt from having to lift the couch in weird ways to get it into the apartment, not to mention having to get the old one out. At least with getting rid of the old one we didn't have to worry about getting it messed up. But getting it onto our patio to get it inside was a bit of a challenge. Oh, and for the record, Chris is a messy eater. I found brownie crumbs between the cushions. I'd say we should institute a no eating on the couch rule, but I know that will never happen.


~Mel said...

Oooh, that looks so comfy!! Yeah for the grownup couch - and your living room is almost complete!

This looks really great! btw, where did you get it?

~Mel said...

Ooh - fancy new blog template too. I like it. It matches the grown-up feel along with the couch.

Christine R said...

Love your blog!! I love the colors...feels like home or chocolate chip cookies or something. Love it! Enjoyed reading about your trip to NYC. I so wish I lived near a northern city-seeing people in hats and mittens while I'm still running my air conditioner after Thanksgiving. I know I never want to retire in the south! My kitchen aid is empire red!! I used it to make peanut butter cookies today and love it so far!! Thanks!