Wednesday, February 22, 2006

15 Years of Hair

So when I was getting my haircut on Friday, I was talking with my stylist about some of the styles and colors I’ve had over the years. She requested that I bring pictures the next time I come in. This got my mind thinking that it would make a fun layout. So I started looking through my pictures trying to find good ones and figure out what to include. At first I thought I wanted to start with 1993. I have a picture taken about a week before I dyed my hair for the first time. (For quite some time that was the last picture of me with natural colored hair.) But then I was thinking that “13 Years of Hair” was a really random number. So now I think I’m going to do 15 years, starting with my perm in 8th grade. I was thinking I really wanted to focus on my recent hair (recent being since high school) but I think it will be fine.

Now I’ve got it all planned out. I know what pictures to use. I even sketched out my idea. For some reason lately I’ve been sketching layouts out ahead of time. Maybe it’s my way of working on scrapbooking stuff at work. Plan it all out so that I know what I’m doing when I get home. Now I just need to scan and resize pictures and get it all put together. Maybe I’ll be productive tonight and you’ll be able to see the fruits of my labour!


~Mel said...

That'll be a fun Layout to see once it's finished... besides my big hair/bangs in the early 90s I've been the same. And with my school picture LO, I can encompass my Hair lo there.

Christine R said...

Yes! I want to see it-please do it and post it tonight!!! What an awesome idea. I sometimes wish when I go to bed that I have a piece of paper and pencil. I think of all these cool(or at least I think they are)scrappin ideas and then when I wake up-POOF-they're gone. I'll be checking back in all night long now.

Vanessa B. said...

That sounds like too much fun - I'd love to see that! I remember Lisa B did a hair LO a few years ago and I thought it was a hoot. I may have to go dig out some big hair 80's pics! Can't wait to see it!