Thursday, February 09, 2006

Music Tag

So I saw this on Tracy's blog and thought it was a fun quiz. Hey Christy, what's she think of people she doesn't know checking out her blog?

Open iTunes/iPod or Windows Media Player to answer the following questions about your music collection.

How many songs? 3323 (8.4 days, 11.21 GB). It's got all of Chris' music but probably only about a third of my CDs. My brother had to buy himself a second hard drive because he has so much music!

Sort by song title:
First Song: 'Cause I Like it That Way- SHe DAISY
Last Song: Zor and Zam- The Monkees

Sort by time:
Shortest Song: Apparently there is a 1 second blank track by the Dixie Chicks, but since I don't think that one really counts, 4 seconds, Low Clouds (2) by James
Longest Song: 18 minutes, 36 seconds- Alice's Restaurant Massacree- Arlo Guthrie

Sort by album:
First Album: 10 Things I hate About You Soundtrack (Love this!!!)
Last Album: Zoot Suit Riot- Cherry Poppin' Daddies

Top Five Most Played Songs: This is only because we had to wipe the computer clean not too long ago, not necessarily because these were really the most played...
The Lucky One- Alison Krauss (4 plays)
I'll Be That Girl- Barenaked Ladies (3 plays)
Way Over Yonder In the Minor Key- Billy Bragg and Wilco (3 plays)
Hold on to Me- John Michael Montgomery (3 plays)
End Credits- Braveheart Soundtrack (3 plays)
The Alison Krauss and the Billy Bragg have multiple plays because Chris was testing them when reloading the music. But like I said earlier, the music is only recently back on the computer so these numbers aren't accurate.

First song that comes up on Shuffle: Galileo by Simmons Sirens- a cappella group

How many songs come up when you search for "sex"?: 1- She Thinks my Tractor's Sexy- Kenny Chesney :)

How many songs come up when you search for "death"?: 1- The Death Of St. Jimmy- Green Day

How many songs come up when you search for "love"?: 196

How many songs come up when you search for "you"?: 436

I refuse to tag anyone, but if you're up for it, play along!


Andrew said...

# songs:
8208 (21.5 days, 30.20 GB)

Sort by title:
First: '85 Radio Special Thank You - They Might Be Giants
Last: Zueignung, Op. 10 No. 1 (von Gilm) - from Six Orchestral Songs by Richard Strauss

Sort by time:
Shortest: There's a 0:00 song by Hepcat, but to discard that one and the 1-second Dixie Chicks song I have three 4-second songs, three 5-second songs, and four 6-second songs. Most of those are from the They Might Be Giants "Fingertips" series.
Longest: 47:21 - Beethoven's 6th Symphony (it isn't broken into movements in this recording), followed by his 7th Symphony at 40:35. The longest non-classical song is 24:51 "Union Federal" by Phish.

Sort by album:
First: (Songbook) A Collection of Hits - Trisha Yearwood
Last: Zoot Suit Riot - Cherry Poppin' Daddies

Top five most played:
101 - Devil Went Down to Georgia - Charlie Daniels Band
80 - The One On The Left Is On The Right - Johnny Cash
75 - You'll Think of Me - Keith Urban
72 - One Taste of the Bait - Webb Wilder and the Nashvegans
68 - Nothin' to Lose - Josh Gracin
Gotta love my smart playlist that weights songs by rating.

First song on shuffle (this is a silly category):
Nothing Worth Living For - Violent Femmes

# "sex":
23 (11 of which are from the Red Elvises album "Better Than Sex")

# "death":

# "love":

# "you":

Christine R said...

Well I wasn't going to try this but I might now! She'll love that you did this since me and a friend basically said no!

Tracy said...

Yes, at least someone accepted my!! I thought it was a fun one! And damn you have alot of music!! Feel free to read my blog whenever you!