Monday, February 06, 2006

Time to cast your vote

Which one do you like better to go on my scrap shelves?

Branas or
They are essentially the same size and they are the same price. Currently I have dark shelves, but I think in the future I want to go with lighter shelves.


~Mel said...

You're addicted to Ikea.

Personally, I like Branas. It looks cleaner.

Christine R said...

I like the top photo as well. It looks cleaner but also sturdier. Like you could put lots of heavy stuff in there and it would be okay! It also looks like it would fit into a space easier. Hope you like the top one if not then I like the bottom one. Glad you have given me something here. I must come about ten times a day to see if there is something new! Nice surprise!

Vanessa B. said...

I like the Branas too. Yeah, I'm still alive too! I think the Branas looks cleaner too. I will be bloggin' again soon just need to get my #$*&^ together!

Tracy said...

Ok, sorry to jump in but definitely the top one!