Monday, January 30, 2006


Just wanted to say that yes, I am alive. I know how annoying it is to check other people's blogs hoping that they've updated so that I can read something new and then to be met by the same page you've seen for a week. However, there really is nothing to report. Over the past two weekends I've been to two birthday parties and had a scrapping date with Mel. Other than that, nothing new going on. This is why I at first resisted starting a blog. The feeling of needing to update it, yet nothing to report.
I suppose I could report about my continued addiction in Ikea. We went back there on Saturday. Got an end table and basket for the living room (almost no more room for furniture) but the basket was needed to store the attachments for the new Dyson, which is also in the living room as there is no other place to put it. The old vacuum is still in the closet because I don't want to just throw it away as it is still an ok vacuum. I'm thinking I'll give it to our church rummage sale, but they usually don't start collecting stuff until after Easter. Aaaagh, no storage!
Anyway, I digressed. I also got myself a new bookcase at Ikea for my scraproom. This has then had me thinking about my whole scrapbook storage and now I want three more bookcases with doors. Since I'm lacking the hundreds of dollars this would take, I'll just stick with what I've got for a while. I also need better lighting so I've been poring over the Ikea catalog and online and I think I know what I want to get. Also must get boxes or baskets or something for some organization on the shelves. Perhaps once I actually get the room all tidied and stuff put away, I'll take pictures. However, since moving in I have yet to think that my room is "done". Way too much crap with no place to put it! I suppose more purging is necessary, but that's so much easier said than done.
Anyway, enough rambling for tonight. Hope I've entertained you all sufficiently.


Vanessa B. said...

I'm totally entertained! And I'm proving to be a totally derelict blogger so have no worries!

Christine R said...

I feel entertained! Please don't stop writing on the blog!

~Mel said...

Whew a posting ... I didn't know how much longer I go read that list. :)