Monday, January 16, 2006

Shopping Alert

For those of you interested in purchasing Lisa's Favorite Albums from QVC (it's the TSV on the 18th) they are now available online using item number F-00519. I really don't get the whole get the TSV price before the actual day, but who am I to complain. I was able to get it ordered now and then I don't need to stay up until midnight to order.


Christine R said...

I like it too! I am going to order it because it's too darn cute, and it might be sold out by the time it airs from all the pre-orders!

~Mel said...

I'm off to go order it!!

~Mel said...

I'm all ordered - wooo hooo! I can't wait for these albums, and even better that I don't have to stay up late tomorrow.

Christy, I agree, they'll be sold out from pre-orders before tomorrow night even comes around