Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Mel tagged me, so here it is.

Four jobs you’ve had in your life:
- Fast Food employee at Wendy's. Even got to dress up as Wendy a couple of times!
- Wal*Mart associate. Lasted only a couple of weeks until a better opportunity came up.
- Costume shop technician. One of my favorite jobs. Great people to work with. Got to sew some fabulous costumes. Learned a ton.
- Executive Assistant. Not the most exciting, but it pays the bills.

Four movies you would watch over and over:
- The Princess Bride
- Clueless
- Labyrinth
- Heavenly Creatures

Four places you have lived:
- Talladega, Alabama
- Grafton, Massachusetts
- Bingley, W. Yorshire, England
- Waltham, Massachusetts

Four TV shows you love to watch:
- Buffy
- Lost
- Gilmore Girls

Four places you have been on vacation:
- England
- Spain
- Maine
- Rome

Four websites you visit daily:
- Hotmail
- 2 Peas
- various blogs

Four of your favorite foods:
- chocolate
- soup on a cold day
- Pizza
- Chicken pad thai

Four places you would rather be right now:
- At home in bed
- At home scrapping
- Doing whatever is on my "to do" list
- Anywhere with friends

Four bloggers you are tagging:
Sorry. Just not going to happen. Besides, I think Mel may have gotten then only other people who read my blog.


~Mel said...

Yah you did it!!! WOOO WOOO... and you say you don't do these types of things!

Christine R said...

I'm reading Mels' comments and giggling. I want to know more about you living in England! Why, when, how long, and what was it like? Instead of tagging someone else you could always think of some questions on your own. Have you heard of the book "Why do Men Have Nipples?" It could be based on that book or something. I would do it.

~Mel said...

Men, Nipples... okay that makes me giggle.

I want to know why some men have 3 nipples. On Mark Wahlberg it's okay because he's pretty eye candy but I'd hate to see it on say Ron Jeremy. (For the record, I've never seen Ron Jeremy in action!)

Chris said...

Wait Mel, back up for a second. First off, ther eare men with three nipples? Eeeew! And second, you're ok with Mark having three?

~Mel said...

Yes, there are some men that have 3 nipples... Mark is one of them. He gets a free pass because he's a Wahlberg. Works everytime in my book. Unless of course he pulls a Brad or commits a heinous crime.

I don't know if Ron Jeremy has one, I don't want to know because on other men it would be nasty.