Saturday, January 14, 2006

And another...

I was just reading the comments on my Tag post, and saw that Christy asked about me having lived in England. So, here goes.

When I was in fourth grade (ok, I was technically in third when the process started) my dad decided that he wanted the opportunity to work in another country. So, he applied for a number of positions in various countries. I remember that in the end it came down to England or Singapore. Anyway, he went on sabatical from his job in MA and took a position teaching at the University of Bradford. We all moved over to England for a year, rented a house, went to British schools, and traveled around England a ton!

Unfortunately, since I was only nine at the time, I don't really remember a lot of it. However, ever since then I have loved England. In college I spent Spring semester of my Junior year in England. I spent my weekends re-visiting places as well as checking out some new spots. Then in 2002 I spent a week in London with my brother, and in 2003 Chris and I honeymooned in London and Cornwall. And now I'm itching to go back again.

Most of the pictures from our year there were taken on slide film. Last year I took the slides and scanned them all in. It was great being able to see some of these places again. Some of them were labeled, others I sent to the family in the hopes that they could identify them. In my copious amounts of my spare time (yeah right!) I hope to start doing some layouts about my time there. I really didn't enjoy my childhood, but I loved my year in England.


Christine R said...

One of my friends is from England. We used to live close to each other but now we don't. Her husband was in the Navy mine Army so it never worked out for us. She drank hot tea alot. I'm not a coffee fan so I tried her tea. Well she liked three tablespoons of sugar in it and I found it delicious. She gave me her tea from her hometown. For a couple of years I was stocked up with authentic English tea. It was awesome. One day I would like to see the world a bit. I went to Japan in high school that was it. I'm hoping that one day my husband will get a job overseas and we can experience Europe together. I hope you can go back. Maybe one year CKU will announce a European tour and all of us can meet up over there. Yes I know I'm dreaming but if they announced locations years in advance we could save in enough time to do it!

Chris said...

Maybe rather than CKU-Europe, we'll just have to have a Luau Ladies reunion in Europe.