Monday, January 09, 2006

PSA of the Day

You may already know this, but I just found out so I thought I would share. Registration for CKU-Boston is May 31st. That's about 20 weeks away. Now I just need to start saving $20 a week so that I can afford registration. I'll also need to save up for an anniversary gift for Chris as that is six days before registration. Chris and I were kidding about chipping in to buy a Dyson vacuum as an anniversary gift. I wonder if he would actually agree to that? Otherwise I don't think I'll ever be getting one.


~Mel said...

May 31st?? You know that's going to be here before we know it!

Vanessa B. said...

Mark and I got to the point that there were so many things we wanted for the house that we would decide on one thing and give it to ourselves for our anniversary. I got tired of the money spent on frivolous stuff (flowers, etc. - and don't get me wrong, I dig flowers) that could go to stuff we really needed. As for CKU - I've started selling stuff on ebay to make some extra moolah - great way to do it! People will buy just about anything!