Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A stroll down memory lane

So Karen Burniston’s blog has inspired me to share with you a Psycho Kirstin story. When I previously lived in Waltham, Linda and I shared an apartment with a girl name Kirstin. Kirstin was a very strange girl. She had many bizarre quirks. She was normal enough when you first met her (except for lacking a few social graces, but nothing too obvious in a brief encounter). Linda’s and my parents didn’t understand why we didn’t really like her, but they didn’t have to encounter daily floaties, messes in the kitchen, unlocked doors, and all of her other habits.

Anyway, we had a large closet at the end of our hallway. It held coats, cleaning supplies, hardware items, and miscellaneous boxes. One day Linda and I decided to tackle the boxes. As was the case at Karen’s house, none of the boxes had been broken down. Hence the need to clean the closet. So Linda and I set to work breaking down the boxes. We really weren’t discarding any, just making it so that one could actually get to other items in the closet. Kirstin then came home and saw what we were up to. She insisted that we leave her large Dell computer box intact. We weren’t allowed to break it down and save the packing materials. Nope. Had to stay exactly as it was. Why, you ask? Well, she was going to need it for when she moved. (I think this cleaning incident happened after about a year of living together, so she still had two more years to go.) And couldn’t she just tape the box back up again? Apparently not. So we suffered with this huge box taking up half the closet for many more years.

Ok, so Karen tells stories much better than I do, but seeing her boxes reminded me of the Kirstin story. Just be glad I didn’t tell the tale of “Please don’t leave the kids unattended in the pool”.


~Mel said...

I read Karen's blog as well and thought it was entertaining (as usual). Her pictures made it even more so. So I find it interesting that you too had a box hoarding story to blog.

However, you will need to explain the kids in the pool story now. This one sounds too good not to post.

karen said...

OK, but I'm going to be Kirstin's devil's advocate here. If she was keeping the packing materials for the computer . . .why not keep the box to store them in? See what I mean? They put those foamie thingies in there that are the same size as the box, so keeping those would require a box-sized space, no? (Uh-oh, I feel a relapse coming on!)

However, I can't abide the floaties. Uncool. Blech.

Thank you for posting on my blog so I could find yours! *smooch*

Chris said...

OK, so yes, there were the packing materials in the box. But we could have saved them someplace where they would have taken up less space. After all, there was still a lot of empty space in that box.

Vanessa B. said...

You really kill me with these teasers. Remember the dentist-gag thing? You know you have to tell us about the kids in the pool. Seriously! I don't have a lot of excitement in my life, help me out here! LOL(: