Monday, December 11, 2006

Productive Evening?

It was a productive evening, just perhaps not on anything I really would have been wanting to work on.

I'm in charge of organizing the holiday party for our department and I had information to convey to them. And someone today asked me if I was going to be getting it out soon-either by email or dropping something off on people's chairs. Basically her way of saying I should do something soon.

And then last Friday we had the baby shower and my boss was impressed with my creativity.

So, I decided to make some invitations for people. Really the only new info for them is about the Yankee Swap, but at least they're kind of fun. And once I got going they were pretty quick. I used a bunch of different papers from the Christmas Stack. My only delay was that in the midst of making these I decided I wanted the Crop-a-dile. I called Ms to see if they had it. Very quickly I was told no. I called ACM. After 4.5 minutes on hold my phone dropped the call. So I decided I might as well drive and see. No luck at ACM, but Ms had 3 in stock. When I was checking out I complained the the check-out girl (in a nice fashion- more informing her than compaining) that I had called and been told no when obviously they had them. I would have told a manager but I wanted to hurry home to work on the invites and I didn't want to have to ask for a manager.

So these are all done- almost 30 of them. I didn't get to anything else like my Cookie Baking cookbook, but that'll be tomorrow's project.

Oh, and if you have any suggestions for games to play during the party, let me know!


brittany said...

loving those invites. you are creative!!! my mom's work does bingo every year. the winners get a little something. i went with her one year and didn't win...oh well it was fun.

~Mel said...

I've never heard of games during a Christmas party - that'll be interesting to hear what people come up with.

Tami said...

i have a good party game but it costs a bit of money, maybe like 20 bucks.

think layers of wrapping paper. start with a big prize in the middle, say 10 dollars, then wrap it. on the outside of the write "pass this to the person on your left wearing earings", that person gets it unwraps it and finds the prize. you can have how ever many layers you want and you can write whatever you want on it, pass it to th e person how travels the farthest for the holidays or to work, to the person born closest to work, to the right two people, each time someone gets it they unwrap one layer of paper, sometimes you can have scratch ticket, a dollar, my sister did it once for her adughters party and just had a big candy bar at the end, that way you dn't have to spend so much.

longest comment ever.

Chris said...

Mel- It's really more of an "activity" for the party. In the past they've done wine and bear tastings as well as a scavenger hunt.

So I'm planning a few "games". I'm planning one which I'll break everyone into groups and give each group a list of advertising slogans/ tag lines adn they'll need to come up with the company name. The team with the most correct wins.

I'll have to talk to my boss and see what kind of funds I have for prizes for things which will help determine what I do. I wasn't really given an overall budget, more just see what you come up with for ideas and then we'll decide on a budget. Last year they gave gift cards to everyone, so that can add up. I think there will be about 20-25 people there.

Christine R said...

Love the invites! How do you like the's on my list of things. I'm impressed with them, just haven't goten one for myself yet.

Fun office party game:
put an orange in a pair of panty hose, tie around someone's waist, without using arms they must thrust it to hit the orange on the floor until they cross the finish line....that could be lots of fun for spectators!

Michelle said...

These are so cute! Great job...I'm sure the party will be lots of fun :)

Vanessa B. said...

Love the invites! We used to do a Christmas trivia game. Like "What is the elf's name in Rudolph?" or "What does your true love give on the 8th day of Christmas?" Stuff like that. I went to a party last year where we had to break into groups and we had to make up a Christmas limerick. Each team was given a Christmas word (sleigh, etc.) that had to be the last word in the first line of the limerick:

Each year Santa loads up his sleigh,
with presents to give Christmas day,
This year the elves were a buzz,
'Cuz good gossip there was,
Didn't you hear? Santa is gay!

(Hope nobody takes offense to the limerick) The game was hilarious! Hope you have a good time at your party!