Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Yankee Swap

So yesterday we had the holiday party for my department at work. Overall it was a good time. People seemed to like the food and had fun with the game (I gave people marketing slogans and they needed to name the company/product).

We also had a Yankee Swap. I gave a mug and some hot chocolate. Value was around $18. The suggested value for the swap was $10. I was ok spending more since I wanted to give more than just the hot chocolate which was $10 (the tall container in the picture). There are two diff size mugs and I went with the larger one. I also included a gift receipt, so worst case someone could get whatever they wanted. Overall, I thought it was a good gift.

Well, it's swap time, and the first person to choose picked my gift! She opened it and everyone seemed to like it. I picked 4th (out of 20) and I chose a set of beer glasses. I didn't need them, but there wasn't really anything I wanted to trade it for, so I kept them. I figured I could give them to Andrew, or maybe try to return them. Unfortunately my luck was going to run out. Later in the game, someone opened this and traded for my beer glasses.

Some crappy WWF game. Great. What the hell am I supposed to do with this? I don't think I even know anyone who would want it. I guess that's the nature of a Yankee Swap. You never know what you're going to get. But why would you even buy such crap?

I will say, for the most part the gifts were good. Really only two "bad" gifts- this and an ant farm. But the ant farm is at least somewhat better since there's an office joke around it.

Better luck next year, right?


The Hallman Tribe said...

that is a crappy gift!!! i couldn't buy that for a swap unless it was as a JOKE. sorry you didn't get better luck...maybe next year will be better!

Christine said...

again I don't know why someone thinks that is FUN to spend their money on something crappy. Too bad you got stuck with it..hopefully you can find someone or save it for next year's swap!

Chris said...

I was just talking to a friend here at work (in a different department) who has a 10 year old cousin who loves wrestling, so I think she'll be taking it off my hands. Otherwise it migth have been going to Toys For Tots.

Tami said...

why would some purchased that? unless a regift. that's what dave's office does, it has to be a regift.

i normally don't participate because i always end up with the crappy gifts because i hate to take a gift away from someone.

Chris said...

I would have been fine taking a gift away from someone, just didn't have the opportunity after I was stuck with the crappy gift.

I was able to give it to my friend though for her cousin.

Tracy said...

Has to be a regift! Sorry your luck was so bad!

{Amanda} said...

this is why i HATE office yankee swaps. . . i LOVE the gift you gave!!!! i actually lucked out and pulled #1 in our office swap .. but almost 100% of our stuff was alcohol LOL