Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Things that make you go hmmm….

So a sales person calls up and wants to email me some info. Fine. I give my email address- cbreecher@.... He then addresses me in the email as Kris. If my email starts with a “C” don’t you think my name will also start with a “C”?

I’m also amazed at the number of people who want to make it Cris without the “h”. I’ve seen a few people spell it that way, but the majority don’t.

Guess I don’t have such a simple name after all!


Brittany's Corner said... mom and i were talking about how she has been working for the same company for YEARSSSSSS, and she signs memos all the time....PEOPLE still get her name e! just need to pay a little bit more attention! my MIL still spells my name wrong and i have been married to her son for almost 14 years!!

~Mel said...

No you do. But people are plain stupid & just don't pay attention.

I would reply back and in caps sign it as



Christine R said...

some of my closest friends still spell my name has a y so i finally decided to go back to christine well and cos i wanted to. i think people
a)don't pay attention
b)get set in their ways on how they spell things!!

Cicada said...

Yeah, I think as a rule people just don't care which is too bad because they should! Especially when there's a potential sale in it for them!

I had to comment late on that diaper cake- how fabulous is that. What a lucky mom! I'm going to save your picture of that for future new mom gift giving...