Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A couple of layouts

This first layout is for an album I started a couple of years ago and then haven't really touched since. It's an 8x8 album and the idea is to have a 2 page LO for each anniversary. The journaling is about majore events of the year. So I got the idea to do this shortly after we got married and then it took me almost a year to do the LO for the first anniversary. Here we are coming up on our 4th anniversary and I just got around to doing this page. I had started the journaling way back when, so at least it was all a little bit fresher in my head. Since I know the font is tiny, here's what it says:

Our second year of marriage started on a down note since after working at Polaris for four years I was asked to leave. After being bored for the first couple of weeks, I soon adapted to the freedoms of unemployment. In some ways, this extra time was a blessing as I was able to make a number of trips to visit Andrew as he hiked the Appalachian Trail as well as design a product for scrapbooking- The Scrapper’s Toolbelt™ which is slowly proving to be quite the success. By January the unemployment checks stopped coming and it was time to get serious about finding some work. After a number of short temp assignments I landed a temp-to-perm position at Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research in Cambridge. After a few months there I am thoroughly enjoying myself.

Chris continued to work at the American Repertory Theatre although he did do some looking for other opportunities. In his spare time he continued with his model making, reading, and humoring me when I decided I wanted to start an annual tradition of having a Pinewood Derby/cookout! We held the event in August and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

In March we were informed that the condo that we had been renting from Dad for the past three years was going to be sold, so time to start looking for a new place. Although we enjoyed where we were living, the commute to work was rather long and we were glad to look for something closer to Boston.

Our anniversary was spent at home. This year we no longer had to eat at the kitchen table as we had purchased dining room furniture. Oooh, we’re moving up in the world! Dinner consisted of steak and potatoes. As to gifts, I went the “traditional” route of china, a gravy boat (when we were engaged we read an article about a newly married couple who considered themselves the proud parents of a gravy boat, and since we hadn’t received one…) and the “modern” gift of cotton, a Baseball Hall of Fame T-shirt, along with the promise of going to the Hall of Fame in the summer. Chris completely shocked me by presenting me with a pink iPod mini. I was very surprised by this gift!

I finished this next one up last night. It's pictures of all of the family from when we gathered for Chris' grandmother's funeral. And proof of why it's a good thing to document names- when I first typed up the journaling I gave someone the wrong name. Granted this was only the 3rd time I had seen them, and not for very long each time, but if I hadn't finally figured out the correct names and labeled them, years from now we never would have known who they were. (In fact, Chris didn't even remember the name of his cousin when he saw her.)


~Mel said...

You did such a nice job with the layout of Chris' grandmother's funeral - it's very soft & classy for sometimes a very difficult time. It's really sweet.

And the anniversary layout - I completely went back with you and kind of relived all that. My first thought was "wow - that was two years ago?"

Vanessa B. said...

Great layouts! I love the anniversary "year in review" idea too.

The Hallman Tribe said...

Great Job on these Layouts!!!! Love the journaling and the re-cap of the 2 years of marriage!!!

Christine said...

Awesome job! Love the anniversary one especially!