Sunday, February 11, 2007

It's a Dance Thing

Here's my first completed layout from the crop. Hopefully I'll be able to get the others finished soon. Really just have journaling left to do on all of them. Journaling is below.

I was in second grade when I first started to take ballet. I remember the classes were in a building that was located off 122, kind of behind Statewide Glass. I don’t remember if it was that year or the next that the dance studio moved to its new location- above the Post Office Pub- where it still is today.

I also remember my first class feeling kind of lost because many of the other girls already knew the names of steps, positions, etc and I didn’t know any of that. I also remember trying to sashay across the dining room floor when I would practice at home. (It didn’t work so well.)

In second grade our recital was to the song “My Favorite Things”. And a note about the costume- The flowers that you see here in the picture did not come attached to the leotard. It was up to the moms to attach them. The leotards didn’t have anything to identify which side was front and which was back. Unfortunately for me, we realized too late that mine had been sewn to the back. If you look really closely, I think you can see n*pples. I seem to remember that in the professional pictures I’m a bit more exposed.

In third grade our routine was to “Over the Rainbow”. I believe we got to choose which color leotard we wanted and I chose blue. I remember that when the leotards were delivered I liked the other colors better. This was when Darlene and I first met, but if it weren’t for this picture, I don’t think either of us would have remembered meeting before middle school. Thanks to Darlene’s mom for writing down the names, I now know who everyone was in my class.
Back row: Nicole ____, Kerri ____, Rebecca ___, Kelly ____, Christine ____, Laura ___
Front row: Leslie ____, Darlene ____, Martha ____, Karen ____, Alana ____ (I deleted the last names here so that they won't show up in a search.)

Ballet was an activity that I remember enjoying. If we hadn’t moved to England I imagine I would have wanted to keep dancing. Since then I took a ballet class in college and an adult education class. I also have taken an adult education tap class. Maybe one day I will once again resume my dance education.


Tracy said...

Nice layouts. It is great that you still have the names of all the girls.

I had no idea you moved to England. I'd love to see a layout about that.

Chris said...

Tracy- I spent 4th grade in England. My dad wanted the opportunity to work in another country, so he took a teaching position in Yorkshire. Loved living there. So many pictures that I've found that I need to scrap. Just need to find the time.

darlene said...

I'm not sure we did get to pick the colors. I don't think I would have picked yellow. Besides, what would have happened if everybody wanted the same color?

Chris said...

Maybe you're right, but I seem to remember requesting blue. Maybe they asked us but then they got the final say? I doubt everyone would have picked the same color.

~Mel said...

How cute that you almost match the ballerina's pose exactly!

I still can't believe how little you were because you're so much taller than me now! :)

The Hallman Tribe said...

nice work.....but i have to admit this makes me feel OLD. I was already 15 the year this was taken!!! WOW...time flies!

beautiful layout!!!