Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Layout done!

I started this one at the crop on Saturday and just finished it up. Christy, it is because of you that I did this layout. :)

Journaling below:

I had posted this picture on my blog to show what a table set for 26 looked like, and I also commented about the tomato juice. Someone asked what the story was behind the juice. Not knowing, I made a phone call to Mum. Here’s what I found out.

They always had the tomato juice on Thanksgiving as well. She's not sure if it started with her grandmother or her aunt. But it was always there. Kind of like an appetizer. They would have that while Uncle Thornton would carve the turkey and then they would drink cider with their meal.

I find it interesting though, that even though people are from the same family, Aunt Cathrine serves the tomato juice, but when we have T-day at Meg’s house it isn't served. Although the sight of tomato juice on a Thanksgiving table isn't foreign to me, if I were to host it certainly would not be something that I would think to include.


Christine said...

Love it and I still find that tradition they did that at Plymoth or something and it's been passed down ever since. Love the page and that patterned paper is perfect!

You still staying warm up there?

The Hallman Tribe said...

beautiful job. and the journaling is perfect. your kids will now know all about the tradition of the tomato juice!!! great job girl, you are on a roll

Vanessa B. said...

Wow. I'm away from the computer for a week and you have been a bloggin' and scrappin' fool! Great LOs! I really love the Constitution one - especially those dramatic waves! ;)