Thursday, September 13, 2007

Vacation Post #10

In the morning we headed off towards the geographic center of the lower 48 states, located about 20 minutes from the campground. Not too exciting. This sign, a small plaque, some fields. Certainly not something we would have gone greatly out of our way to see, but seeing how it was so close it was nice to go so that we could say we've been there.

Next up- Cawker City, home of the world's largest ball of twine. In college I went with some friends to Darwin, MN to see the largest ball of twine made by one person. This one is larger, but it is also made by many people. The guy who started it left it to the town when he died and now every year they have a Twine-a-Thon where the townspeople add to it. We too could have added to it, but that would have required a phone call and waiting in the heat for someone to come bring us the official twine winder.

The next stop on our adventures was to go back to Glen Elder. We had stopped by the downtown area the night before, but it was too dark and my pictures didn't come out well. I later realized this was due to user error with the camera. However, I did get the nice red-glowing picture of the "Statue of Liberty", so I guess it wasn't a wasted trip.

By daylight I was able to get a better picture of Lady Liberty as well as this one of the castle in town. In years past it was a service station, but now I think it is a private residence.

Not too much else to see in Kansas, so we continued on our way and stopped for the night in Missouri.


~Mel said...

They do say that Kansas is just flat land and not a lot more.

And when I first saw the red Statue of Liberty I thought it was planned... I liked it!

The Hallman Tribe said...

love reading about your vaction. seems you have been lots of places and seen and done lots of fab things!!!!

Christine said...

wow, I've had a lot to catch up on! Kiss and hug the girls for me while you are entertaining! I'm jealous your seeing them and they are seeing you and I am not seeing anybody!