Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Vacation Post #7

August 18th

We departed Yellowstone and drove south through Grand Teton National Park- fabulous scenery. In fact, there had been great scenery the past few days.

We came to the town of Dubois (pronounced dew-boys) where I rode my second jackalope of the trip. See, I told you there would be more. This one was furry and actually looked like a "real" animal.

By early evening we came across a sign along the highway for Ayers Natural Bridge. This sounded interesting to us, so we made a detour to check it out. It was rather pretty, but I wouldn't exactly call it a bridge. The pictures of us below are on top of the arch, and as you can see, you wouldn't really use these rocks to travel over the water.

As we were sitting on top of the bridge we noticed the skies darkening. There was some camping at the bridge, but it looked pretty full so we got back in the truck and kept driving. We saw some other campgrounds, but they looked pretty exposed and the skies looked pretty bad.

So instead we spent the night at a motel in Douglas, Wyoming- Home of (what else) the Jackalope! We checked in, watched some tv, checked email, etc and then peeked out the windows. The sun was shining and no storm in sight. Oh well. At least I was able to get some pictures uploaded, so it was somewhat worth it.

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~Mel said...

I can't wait to see your layout of your jackalope riding!