Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Vacation Post #6

August 17th- Yellowstone National Park

I thought this sign was somewhat symbolic of our trip. After all, if Andrew hadn't been hiking the Divide we probably wouldn't have gone on this trip. The Divide passes through Yellowstone and as we were driving we passed it 2 or 3 times.

Unfortunately the day was a rainy one. It would start pouring for a bit, and then let up, and then start pouring again. Considering we hadn't had much rain yet on our trip I guess I can't really complain, but it was frustrating to have to deal with it on our one day where we stayed in one location.

Our first stop of the day was Old Faithful. We got there a little bit before it was due to erupt so we walked around a little bit and then went to get seats for the "show". The bench was wet so we sat on Chris' jacket. Not the perfect solution, but it kind of helped keep us a little dry.

Then a woman sits down next to us and says:
"My grandma told me never to sit on anything wet or you'll get the little bugs going up your yang-yang."
Excuse me? WTF?! Why would you say this to someone? Chris and I were so amused that I immediately found a scrap of paper in my purse so that I could write down her quote. And now Chris and I always talk about yang-yangs. And I made him take a picture of the yang-yang lady. That's her next to me- sitting on a rain bonnet so that the bugs don't go up HER yang-yang. Guess grandma taught her well.

After Old Faithful erupted we drove around more of the park and encountered some wildlife. Here are pictures of a bison crossing the road. There were many of those. It's interesting how people do such stupid things to get good pictures of the wildlife, myself included. Lots of getting out of the car and walking closer. Good thing none of them stampeded. We also saw an elk (that's it on the right) and later a herd of mule deer (below). Lots of the deer were walking around the road so it was easy to get good pictures.

Next up was the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. Very pretty. Unfortunately it was raining again by this point so we didn't go walking around much, although I would have enjoyed doing so.

And the final picture for this post, here's "home" on the road. This was the only place that we used the covering over the table, but it was very appreciated with all of the rain that we had.

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~Mel said...

the caption of the 'yang yang' lady makes much more sense with the backstory.