Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Vacation Post #8

August 19th

Our first stop, just over the border from Wyoming, was Panorama Point, the highest point of Nebraska. It claimed it was near the intersection of Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska, but we couldn't find that point. Oh well.

The high point is on a bison ranch, and although we didn't see any bison here, we did find lots of their poop. And lots of flies, who were attracted to the poop.

We then headed off to Carhenge. What a waste of time! I had seen some pictures and thought it would be cool- Stonhenge recreated out of cars. BIG disappointment.

I thought it would be life size.

I thought it would actually look like Stonehenge.

We got there and Chris and I both kind of looked at each other and though, we drove 2 hours out of our way for this?

Yeah- if you ever think of going to Alliance, Nebraska- DON'T!

Consider yourself warned.

We started the drive towards Kansas but soon stopped to camp for the night. The campground was at a remote state park. Pit toilets and no running water. No big deal about the toilets, but the water was a bit of an inconvenience. There were some people smoking pot in the site across from us. Kind of sketchy place, but nothing else in the area.

And we also sampled "Potato Ole's" from Taco John's, or Taco Juan's, as we liked to call it. I don't remember where it was when we first saw the billboard for Taco John's, but Chris and I both thought it was a small local place. And then we saw another billboard. And then another. And we started to see billboards advertising Potato Ole's. We were starting to get intrigued. So as we left Alliance we stopped to get some Ole's. They essentially were small disks of tater tots. Not what we expected at all! And then by the time we decided we should sample other Taco Juan's cuisine, we were out of the Taco John's area. Oh well. Guess there's always the next road trip.


~Mel said...

So Carhenge should be left off of the next family road trip? Chris did look rather disappointed in your pics. I was rather confused by them :)

jessica said...

thanks for the comment! the potato ole's look good. just slap some ketchup and salt on them - yum!