Friday, November 02, 2007

Happy Hallowe'en!

These pumpkins are outside. I had wanted to carve the letters on them, but life got in the way. The other side of the steps had some pumpkins that my neighbors had painted. I also put some spiderwebs on the metal of the entryway. I thought it turned out pretty well, especially since the metal was a bit on the rusty side.

After going through the main outer door, there is a small entryway. I had this wreath on our door and the rat down in the corner. It's been kind of funny listening to people's reactions for the past month as they see the rat. He's pretty gross looking, and if you're just looking quickly I think he looks fairly realistic.

As we move further into the building we come to our living room. I really enjoyed making this little ApotheSCARY shop. Thanks Rachel for the inspiration on this. Unfortunately I lost some creative steam so there are a few empty or nameless bottles. Maybe next year I'll get it finished? In the meantime, here are some more detailed shots of what I've got.

Here we have my buffet in my dining room. On the left are the bat and luminary candles, the ghosts in the middle, and the pumpkins on the right. Now that Halloween is over I'll keep the pumpkins out but pack up the rest.

And finally, here's a picture of me. Kind of blurry, but I like how it turned out. I love my lashes. I think I need to wear fake lashes more often. The skeleton earrings were a bit heavy, but I think once a year they'll be fine.


~Mel said...

Okay, I have to admit when I saw the pics of your mantle I got freaked out. The goo, brain and fingers really made me queasy. But then again I don't have a strong stomach for this holiday - I scare easily.

I love your hair - it's very chic. And the lashes help give it that dramatic flair.

mindakims said...

Hair so pretty, hair so pretty.

Rachel Whetzel said...

OK. I HAVE to HAVE some fingers next year. Haven't seen ANYTHING like those around here, and believe me, I look when I'm out. LOVE your rat.