Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm on a roll!

I've been feeling like I haven't been doing much creating lately. A while ago I tried to set a goal of one item a night, be it a card, LO, or even just start a LO. I did well for about a week and a half, and then I pretty much stopped. Not really burned out or anything, just unmotivated.

Well I like creating and would like to get back into a groove. And tonight- wow! My one item became 4. I did 2 layouts and 2 cards. My 2007 album is now finished! (Still need to do my 2007 Christmas album plus another mini album from 2007, though.) And one of the cards I made is for a June birthday, not sure about the other one.

I also love the fact that I used a mix of newer and older products. "Rockin' New Year's Eve"- the only new thing on there is the star embellishment on the bottom. Everything else was at least a year old.

For the "Counting Party" LO, pretty much everything is new. In fact, a couple of the embellishments I got this past weekend at the Dollar Scrapbooking booth, where I worked at CKC Manchester. This booth really is a fabulous way to get some great items for a fantastic price. After all, do flowers, brads, and paint really go out of style?

And on the cards, pretty much the only new product was the patterned paper, which was scraps from the Counting Party LO. The "Happy Birthday"and "Cheers!" labels are many years old. Nice to be able to use up the stash. If only I actually had some willpower and could resist buying new things.


~Mel said...

I really like the numbers PP on the Birthday LO.
And look at you for being creative in one night!!

Christine said...

the layouts are great!

rachel whetzel said...

I love what you've been UP TO!!