Monday, May 05, 2008

Monday ramblings from Chris

So I've meant to post before now, but it just hasn't happened. Sorry. I'll sum up...

Today I mowed the lawn. Maybe not a big deal, but it's Chris' job but he was slacking and the length of the grass was annoying me. So I called him up (he was still at work, I was at home) and I asked him how to work the mower. Wow, pulling that string to start it is hard work! Almost gave up. Also didn't help that he told me the wrong lever to hold while pulling the string, so there was some useless attempts until I decided to hold down both levers to see if that helped.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I now have worms living in my kitchen. Here's a link to their home. So why do I have them? I'm vermicomposting. I've had my worms for just about two months now, and they're doing very well! Lots of "tea" so far to use to fertilize my garden, and hopefully I'll have some good rich compost later this summer. So why vermicomposting rather than normal composting? We don't have a good location outside for a compost pile, and even if we did, it's not something that would be easily used in the winter. So once I got over the ick factor of having worms (and other bugs) in my kitchen, I've embraced this new crunchy aspect of my life.

I started some seeds inside a month or so ago. Not good success. Not sure what happened, but none of them sprouted. Planted some new seeds, and now my lettuce has started to sprout, but that's it. Guess I'll have to get lots of seedlings like I normally do. Also I've added a few plants to a shady spot in the back. Hopefully they'll take. But after some gardening this weekend, my arms are rather achy right now. And they only got worse from trying to start the lawnmower today.

Last weekend I was in New Orleans for work. Fabulous time. Drank way more than usual. Probably drank more in that week than I do in 3 months combined! Also ate some fabulous meals. Getting back into the cooking routine took some work.

And the final bit of news- this year's Pinewood Derby will be held on Saturday, July 5th. Everyone is welcome to come by, or if you can't make it to MA, as always, mail-in entries are welcome.

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whetzel momma said...

RIGHT ON with your wormy self!! lol Let me know when you need to spread that good tea on large areas.... I have TRICKS that will amaze you!! I still don't have enough castings to harvest, but I actually like using the tea instead... and it's just as yummy in my plant's opinion... and YES I asked them... don't you talk to your plants too?