Thursday, October 06, 2005

Back fat?

So from the time I started wearing bras until about 2 or 3 years ago, I was a 34. Then all of a sudden they started to get really tight. I got 36s and all was better. Since I couldn't really figure out where I was gaining weight, Chris and I kidded around that I was getting back fat. Well aparently my back fat is increasing again. After about an hour of wearing this stupid bra this morning I was wishing I could take it off. Make it stop. So uncomfortable! If only bras were cheaper I wouldn't mind so much having to go out annd buy new ones.


~Mel said...

Interesting theory you have there... however, I don't see how it's possible you have this "back fat". :)

For the record, being a woman is much more unfair than a male.

Christine R said...

Maybe you washed in hot water! I don't see how that could possibly be for you! I agree with Mel being a woman is so unfair at times! I'm glad to be one tho!

darlene said...

i know this is a belated comment, biut you never told me you had a blog. Anyway, you could always do what i do - don't wear them at all!